At the edge of spectroscopy
Non Invasive Gas Sensing

Our patented laser spectroscopy technology allows for non invasive and non destructive gas sensing inside closed containers

O₂ detection in vials

O2 detection in vials is available as an OEM application. Ideal for leak detection and quality control

CO₂ detection in beverage and wine

Inline and lab applications for measuring CO2 inside closed bottles. Suitable for leak detection and quality control

O₂ detection in food

Inline and lab applicaitons for the measure of O2 in the head space of food bags and trays

About US

A succesful startup in laser spectroscopy
Started as a spin-off we are now part of AROL group, leader in closure and inspection

L pro srl was launched in 2007 from the University of Padova. It was originally conceived and established by researchers working in the labs of that University’s Department of Information engineering. Our mission is to explore all the possible applications of the laser spectroscopy technology. Our original method and the technical evolution of lasers allow a new generation of gas sensing instruments which would have been impossible only a few years ago. The experimentations lead to the patenting of several methods which allow the optical measuring of pressure and concentration of gas inside a even very little transparent closed vessel, completely independently from the type and color of the container The main field of application of our technology are: pharmaceutical, wine bottling, beer and soft drinks, food packaging industry and glass industry. In 2012 Lpro was taken by Arol Group via his controlled FT System, a company specialized in inspecting systems for closure and bottling

  • O2 detection
  • CO2 detection
  • H2O detection
  • Pressure detection

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